17 Feb 2023

Dubai's Real Estate Market

Dubai's real estate market is dynamic enough to experience significant growth and change over time. New trends, techniques, and the latest technology are benefiting the real estate market exponentially.

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This report is a comprehensive analysis that provides data-driven insights for the future. These valuable factors are driving forces behind the constant growth of the real estate market of Dubai.

Dubai Real Estate Market Report 2023

As we make advance into the next year, it seems quite clear that the real estate market of Dubai is stable right now. With a steady cash flow and opportunity for increased profits, the Dubai property market is on the rise of significant growth.

The statistics showcase that the Dubai real estate market will continue to grow with an expected GDP of approximately 3% by the year 2023. Coupled with this, the population will also see an increase of 3%-4%.

The economic pressure is volatile, leading to drastic changes in the economy of the world. With that being said, it is assumed that interest rates will increase, possible inflation is around the corner and the emerging currencies will be devalued. All this may lead to less demand for residential real estate.

The developers of the Dubai real estate market will benefit significantly from increased revenue of the presales of the years 2021 and 2022. Dubai will also experience a traffic of visitors but due to unstable economic conditions, there will be fewer spending opportunities.

The 2022 Highlights

The Dubai real estate market is divided into two sides – residential real estate and retail real estate. Let’s take a look at their numbers.

Residential Real Estate

A 45% increase was seen in the number of transactions in the residential real estate market and an approximately 76.5% increase in the value of AED 58 billion.

The Dubai property market is enjoying great interest from international buyers and investors who are facing currency fluctuations in their own countries.

Retail Real Estate

In 2022, a rental decline of almost -1% has been observed. The sales were a bit higher than the year 2019. Additionally, the new gross leasable area (GLA) of 200,000 square meters has reached 91% occupancy at the end of 2022.

Final Word

The current growth of the Dubai real estate market forecasts tremendous growth in the coming years. The funding needs may be limited and plenty of liquidity is expected.For more information related to the latest trends, developments, and investment consultation in Dubai’s real estate market get in touch with Grand Reliable - Dubai's Premier Destination for the Finest Homes


1. Is 2023 a good year to buy property in Dubai?

Currently, the real estate market of Dubai is on a speedy growth. It is indeed a good time for investors to buy or invest in property.

2. Will rent go down in 2023 Dubai?

The rent prices are predicted to increase by almost 13.5% in the year 2023. Any Dubai real estate company is going to enjoy a hefty increase in renting apartments.

3. What is the prediction for Dubai real estate market in 2024?

The Dubai property market is expected to be profitable in 2024 with more lucrative investment opportunities.